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Ultrafilter Compressed Air Filters Replacement

compair compressed air filters

Ultrafilter compressed air filters, also called Ultrafilter line filters, are used to remove contaminates from compressed air which will generally have a high water content, as well as a high concentration of oil and other contaminants.

Our Ultrafilter compressed air filter replacement offers effective solution for filtering particulate and moisture in your airline.

Check out  the following Ultrafilter compressed air filter to find the original part number and contact us for more information.

No.Element No.Element No.Element No.Element No.Flow rate              (m3/min)
1PE 02/05FF 02/05MK 02/05AK 02/050.16
2PE 03/05FF 03/05MK 03/05AK 03/050.50
3PE 03/10FF 03/10MK 03/10AK 03/101.00
4PE 04/10FF 04/10MK 04/10AK 04/101.50
5PE 04/20FF 04/20MK 04/20AK 04/202.00
6PE 05/20FF 05/20MK 05/20AK 05/203.00
7PE 05/25FF 05/25MK 05/25AK 05/254.50
8PE 07/25FF 07/25MK 07/25AK 07/256.00
9PE 07/30FF 07/30MK 07/30AK 07/308.00
10PE 10/30FF 10/30MK 10/30AK 10/3012.00
11PE 15/30FF 15/30MK 15/30AK 15/3018.00
12PE 20/30FF 20/30MK 20/30AK 20/3024.00
13PE 30/30FF 30/30MK 30/30AK 30/3032.00
14PE 30/50FF 30/50MK 30/50AK 30/5048.00
No.Filter    GradeFilter Efficiency       (μm)Remain oil Content            (ppm)

Our Ultrafilter compressed air filters replacement is Made entirely in the original filter size specifications, and can be directly exchanged with the original parts. The inside and outside of the filter can be as good as the original.  Adopting European leading technology, it has the advantages of small volume, large flow, high filtration efficiency, large dust holding capacity, small pressure difference loss, good corrosion resistance, long service life and convenient filter replacement.

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