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Ingersoll Rand Filter Replacement

Ingersoll Rand  filters replacement (know as IR filters replacement or ingersollrand filters) are designed based on the original filters. Good performance with competitive price. We offers a comprehensive range of Ingersoll Rand filter replacements. All of our aftermarket Ingersoll rand compressor parts can exceed your demands.


Product Name: Ingersoll Rand Filter Replacement China

Ingersoll Rand air filter replacement | Ingersoll Rand oil filter replacement| Ingersoll Rand air oil separator filter replacement
•Apply to: Different types Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors
•Material: Imported HV paper +Bao Steel
•Payment: PAYPAL, TT, LC
•Place of Origin: Shanghai, China(Mainland)
•Shipping: From China to All the World

Other Details
•Air Filter Intro: http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/air-filter/
•Oil Filter Intro: http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/oil-filter/
•Separator Intro http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/air-oil-separator/


Ingersoll Rand Compressor Parts China

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:   75,000 Sets/ Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Wooden case, Pallet , Normal Carton package, support OEM/ODM package.

Port:       Shanghai, or Customer Requirements

Lead Time :   3-7 days

ingersoll rand filter replacement

Product Description

Our product design team for Ingersollrand compressor filters replacement have the top techniques and fully understand the high quality filter material’s performance. As a Compressor filters factory in China, we import Germany HV, South Korea Ahlstrom,and other world-class brand filter material to grantee the Ingersoll Rand compressor parts replacement quality and ensure the air compressor safe and stable operation with cost-efficient and energy-saving.

Check the following table to find the Ingersoll rand filters replacement. We can also made custom parts based on your needs. send emails to [email protected] for more details.

Ingersoll rand Compressor ModelIngersoll rand
Separators Replacement
Ingersoll rand Air filter ReplacementIngersoll rand Oil filter Replacement
10/170 from 10/2001892857798928897192071182
12/170 from 10/2001892857798928897192071182
12/235 (12bar)89285761
12/235 from 10/2001892857798928897192071182
15 T32012957
17/235 from 10/2001892020228928897192071182
21/215 from 10/2001892020228928897192071182
7/51 from (da) serial n°415260928082869286735735296920
9/215 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
9/230 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
9/255 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
9/300 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
EP 10 ESP424105303217097939313317
EP 100546015133970846639911615
EP 50398956103970846639911615
EP 60398956103970846639911615
EP 7,5 ESP424105303217097939313317
EP 75546015133970846639911615
H 15 T32012957
HP 140 from (da) serial n°415260928082869286735735296920
HP 200 from (da) serial n°512250928665089315862492740950
HP 5253529957792266519
HP 525 S9206213292266519
HP 525 W9206213292266519
HP 600 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
HP 600 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
HP 750 S920621329203594892071182
HP 750 W920621329203594892071182
HP 95 from (da) serial N°313205925221358923247435296920
HP 95 up to (fino a) serial N°313204925221359279302535296920
NIRVANA IRN100H-2S from serial n°NFF0118425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN100H-CC from serial n°NV6100380085875467253054672654
NIRVANA IRN110K-2S from serial n°2850000425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN110K-CC from serial n°2800008425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN11K241212128817191339329602
NIRVANA IRN125H-CC from serial n°NF50148425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN132K-2S from serial n°2860000425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN132K-CC from serial n°2810002425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN15K547492478929597654672654
NIRVANA IRN160K-2S from serial n°2870000425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN160K-CC from serial n°2820006425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN18K547492478929597654672654
NIRVANA IRN200H-2S from serial n°NFF0118425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN200H-CC from serial n°NF50148425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN22K547492472220309554672654
NIRVANA IRN30K547492472220309554672654
NIRVANA IRN37K-CC from serial n°2710500380085795467252254672654
NIRVANA IRN45K-CC from serial n°2730450380085795467252254672654
NIRVANA IRN50H from serial n° NV2100380085795467252254672654
NIRVANA IRN55K-CC from serial n°2750330380085875467253054672654
NIRVANA IRN5K241212128817191339329602
NIRVANA IRN60H from serial n° NV2100380085795467252254672654
NIRVANA IRN75H-CC from serial n°NV6100380085875467253054672654
NIRVANA IRN75K-2S from serial n°2830000425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN75K-CC from serial n°2770650380085875467253054672654
NIRVANA IRN7K241212128817191339329602
NIRVANA IRN90K-2S from serial n°2840000425427872213022339911631
NIRVANA IRN90K-CC from serial n°2790010425427872213022339911631
P 100920425069214735392128859
P 100 AWD921288839212421392128859
P 100 ASD921288839212421392128859
P 100 WD921288839212421392128859
P 101 from (da) serial N°210674925221358923247435296920
P 101 up to (fino a) serial N°210673925221359279302535296920
P 1050 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
P 110 from (da) serial N°313205925221358923247435296920
P 110 up to (fino a) serial N°313204925221359279302535296920
P 1259204250635296920
P 125 SW92522135
P 125 WD92522135
P 130 up to (fino a) serial N°313204925221359279302535296920
P 130 from (da) serial N°313205925221358923247435296920
P 140 SP920425069214735392740950
P 140 WP92077601
P 1509280828692740950
P 150 from serial n° 4022900928082869315862435296920
P 150 WD920776019214735392740950
P 175920425069212421392740950
P 175 WD920776019212421392740950
P 180 from (da) serial n°415260928082869286735735296920
P 250355791849211743192740950
P 250 WD920776019211743192740950
P 260 7/715462594292740950
P 260 from (da) serial n°512250928665089315862492740950
P 335355791843581243792740950
P 355355791843581243792740950
P 375927022249211743192740950
P 375 WD920878819211743192740950
P 375 WD last version927194349211743192740950
P 380 CU from (da) serial n°670580934896078811055692118678
P 6009206213235299577
P 6592128883
P 6892128883
P 70 from (da) serial N°152700935221359212421335296920
P 759212888392128859
P 750 S9206213292035948
P 750 W9206213292035948
P 85 SD921288839212421392128859
P 85 WD921288839212421392128859
P 90 from (da) serial N°210674935221358923247435296920
P 90 up to (fino a) serial N°210673935221359279302535296920
P 90092062132
PA 503557722092740950
PA 603557722092740950
PA 7535577220
R 110 I from serial n°18305391235458412342982223424922
R 110 IE from serial n°18306845235669382342982223424922
R 110 N from serial n°18305516235458412342982223424922
R 110 NE from serial n°18306761235669382342982223424922
R 132 I from serial n°18307009235669382348745723424922
R 132 IE from serial n°18307082235669382348745723424922
R 132 N from serial n°18306928235669382348745723424922
R 132 NE from serial n°18307165235669382348745723424922
R 160 I from serial n°18307009235669382348745723424922
R 160 N from serial n°18306928235669382348745723424922
R 160 NE from serial n°18307082235669382348745723424922
R 160 NE from serial n°18307165235669382348745723424922
R 2,2 IU229881662309249792824598
R 30 I547492475467252254672654
R 30 N547492475467252254672654
R 37 I547492475467252254672654
R 37 I up to (fino a) serial n° UCV1004968236750102367645523935059
R 37 N547492475467252254672654
R 37 N up to (fino a) serial n° UCV1004968236750102367645523935059
R 4 IU229881662309249792824598
R 45 I up to (fino a) serial n° UCV1004968236750102367645523935059
R 45 IE up to (fino a) serial n°UCV1004333237084235467253023424922
R 45 N up to (fino a) serial n° UCV1004968236750102367645523935059
R 5,5 IU229881662309249792824598
R 5-11223880458817191339329602
R 55 I up to (fino a) serial n°UCV1004333237084235467253023424922
R 55 N237084235467253023424922
R 75 I up to (fino a) serial n°UCV1004333237084235467253023424922
R 75 N237084235467253023424922
R 90 I from serial n°18305391235458412342982223424922
R 90 IE from serial n°18306845235669382342982223424922
R 90 N from serial n°18305516235458412342982223424922
R 90 NE from serial n°18306761235669382342982223424922
SSR 10 horizontal3529957739708466
SSR 10 Vertical3986385739708466
SSR 1000397262863912554739125828
SSR 12 horizontal3529957739708466
SSR 12 Vertical3986385739708466
SSR M 15 from serial n°23002927355479288953492740950
SSR 15 horizontal3529957739708466
SSR 15 Vertical3986385739708466
SSR 18 horizontal3950414739708466
SSR 18 Vertical3986386539708466
SSR 20 HP from serial n°2182000892647748929597654672654
SSR 2000 10 L horizontal3970572839708466
SSR 2000 10 L Vertical9287132639708466
SSR 2000 6 L horizontal3970572839708466
SSR 2000 6 L Vertical9287132639708466
SSR 2000 7 L horizontal3970572839708466
SSR 2000 7 L Vertical9287132639708466
SSR 2000 8 L horizontal3970572839708466
SSR 2000 8 L Vertical9287132639708466
SSR 22 horizontal3950414739708466
SSR 22 Vertical3986386539708466
SSR 25 HP from serial n°2202000892647748929597654672654
SSR 28 horizontal397120703971172639123237
SSR 28 Vertical398638733971172639123237
SSR 30 HP from serial n°2225000892647748929597654672654
SSR 34 Vertical398638733971172639123237
SSR 41 Vertical398638733971172639123237
SSR M 11927355479205882592740950
SSR M 11 from serial n°15002927355479288953492740950
SSR M 11 from serial n°16400927355479319154292740950
SSR M 11 from serial n°2161200399009238817191339329602
SSR M 110 from serial n°2380444927657833970846692740943
SSR M 110 from serial n°62274 to 62928927657833970846692740943
SSR M 110 from serial n°62954 to 2380443927657833970846692740943
SSR M 110 up to serial No 62953920621323970846692740943
SSR M 110-2S from serial n°2520153927657833970846692740943
SSRM 132 2S931880193970846692740943
SSR M 132 from serial n°2400244927657833970846692740943
SSR M 132 from serial n°64166 to 65053927657833970846692740943
SSR M 132 from serial n°64903 to 2400243927657833970846692740943
SSR M 132 up to serial n°64165920621323970846692740943
SSR M 132-2S from serial n°2530174927657833970846692740943
SSR M 15 C from serial n°2182000892647748929597654672654
SSR M 15 from serial n°24300 to 2180384927355479319154292740950
SSR M 150 2S931880193970846692740943
SSR M 150 from serial n°66274 to 67059927657833970846692740943
SSR M 150 from serial n°67060 to 2420399927657833970846692740943
SSR M 150 up to serial n°66273920621323970846692740943
SSR M 160 from serial n°2420400927657833970846692740943
SSR M 160-2S from serial n°2540240927657833970846692740943
SSR M 18,5 C from serial n°2202000892647748929597654672654
SSR M 18,5 from serial n°27504927355479288953492740950
SSR M 18.5927355479319154292740950
SSR M 200 2S398638733975073292888262
SSR M 200 BISTADIO (2 STAGE)892130113990326592755230
SSR M 200 from serial n°2440050545095003990326592888262
SSR M 200-2S LV from serial n°2450180398906603990326592888262
SSR M 200-2S from serial n°2450180398906603990326592888262
SSR M 200-2S from serial n°2550100398906603990326592888262
SSR M 22397513913912554792740950
SSR M 22 C from serial n°2225000892647748929597654672654
SSR M 22 from serial n°2221800928903349319154254672654
SSR M 22 from serial n°38840928903349319154292740950
SSR M 22 with belt-driven928903349319154292740950
SSR M 22 with gear-driven927546889319154292740950
SSR M 250 2S398638733975073292888262
SSR M 250 from serial n°2450014545095003990326592888262
SSR M 250-2S LV from serial n°2560170398906603990326592888262
SSR M 250-2S from serial n°2560030398906603990326592888262
SSR M 250-2S from serial n°2560170398906603990326592888262
SSR M 30397513913912554792740950
SSR M 30 from serial n°2241650928903349319154254672654
SSR M 30 from serial n°43280928903349319154292740950
SSR M 30 new type belt-driven928903349319154292740950
SSR M 30 new type gear-driven927546889319154292740950
SSR M 300-2S from serial n°2570014892130113990326592888262
SSR M 300-2S LV from serial n°2570085892130113990326592888262
SSR M 350-2S from serial n°2580027892130113990326592888262
SSR M 350-2S LV from serial n°2580100892130113990326592888262
SSR M 37 B from serial n°2260600927546968811190192740950
SSR M 37 from serial n°2272000927546968811190154672654
SSR M 37 from serial No 68548927546883970846692740950
SSR M 37 PE from serial n°2275000547492472220309554672654
SSR M 37 up to serial No 68547397513913970846692740950
SSR M 4928244739288871892824598
SSR M 4 from serial n°2101200399009238817191339329602
SSR M 45927546963970846692740950
SSR M 45 from serial n°2280250927546968811190154672654
SSR M 5,5 from serial n°2121300399009238817191339329602
SSR M 5.5928244739288871892824598
SSR M 50927546963970846692740950
SSR M 55 from serial n°2320700546015138926676154672654
SSR M 55 from serial n°78550928713263970846692740950
SSR M 55 from serial n°78692928713263970846692740950
SSR M 7,5 from serial n°2141800399009238817191339329602
SSR M 7.5928244739288871892824598
SSR M 75 from serial n°82108927227503970846692740950
SSR M 75 from serial n°2340700546015138926676154672654
SSR M 75 from serial n°82000927227503970846692740950
SSR M 75-2S from serial n°2500102927657833970846654672654
SSR M 90 from serial n°236044692765783
SSR M 90 from serial n°60227 to 60788927657833970846692740943
SSR M 90 from serial n°60804 to 2360445927657833970846692740943
SSR M 90 up to serial No 60226920621323970846692740943
SSR M 90-2S from serial n°2510101927657833970846692740943
SSR MH 22 C892647748926597654672654
SSR MH 5399009238817191339329602
SSR UP 5-11 from serial n°2170000547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 5-11 C223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 5-15 from serial n°2190000547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 5-18 from serial n°2210000547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 5-22 from serial n°2230000547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 5-22 E from serial n° 2235000547492472220309554672654
SSR UP 5-30 from serial n°2245000547492472220309554672654
SSR UP 5-37 PE547492472220309554672654
SSR UP 5-4223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 5-5223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 5-7,5223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 6-10223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 6-15547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 6-15 C223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 6-20547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 6-25547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 6-30547492478929597654672654
SSR UP 6-5223880458817191339329602
SSR UP 6-7,5223880458817191339329602
UNI 11-10223880458817191339329602
UNI 18-8241212128817191339329602
UNI 7-10223880458817191339329602
VHP 400 SD 2T926991989268692292740950
VHP 400 SD926991989268692292740950
VHP 400 WD926991989268694892740950
VHP 600 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
VHP 700 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
VHP 700 S920621329205553092740943
VHP 700 W920621329205553092740943
VHP 750 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
VHP 825 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
WP 375 WIP22111975
XHP 1070 W367622503686436136860336
XHP 1170 W367622503686436136860336
XHP 65036762250
XHP 65036762250
XHP 825 from 10/2001892020228928897192071182
XHP 90036762250
XP 1060 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
XP 600 S9206213292055530
XP 600 W9206213292055530
XP 750920621329205553092740943
XP 750 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
XP 750 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
XP 800 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
XP 900 from 01/1999927255149203594892071182
XP 900 from 10/2001892857618928897192071182
XP 900 S920621329205553092071182
XP 900 W920621329205553092071182

About us

Shanghai Airmax Co.,Ltd

We are a national high-tech compressor filters manufacturer which focus on the researching, production and sales of air oil separators, air filters, oil filters, line filters for screw air compressors.

  • We have been filters supplier for more than 60 compressor factories in China.
  • More than 10,000 kinds filters can be provided
  • Wide selection of best quality Ingersoll Rand compressors parts replacement,100% OEM Compatible

Our Certificate


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are Ingersoll Rand filter replacement factory in China, you are very welcome to visit our factory at your convenience. we are located in Jiading district of Shanghai.

Q: What is your factory’s production capacity?

A: About 75,000 sets/ month. We mainly supply filters to compressor factories.

Q: How long is your delivery time of the Ingersoll Rand filter replacement?

A: Generally it is 1-3 working days if the goods are in stock. or it is 7-15 working days for mass production based on the quantity

Q: Can I become an Agent / distributor of (Airmax)?

A: Welcome ! Please let us know your Country/Area fisrt, we will check then talk about this. any other kind of cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q: Why choose  (Airmax) filters replacement for Ingersoll Rand? Any advantages?
A: The answer is Yes. There are 5 major advantages (reasons).
1) Efficient communication: Professional sales team is at your service line within 24 hours, that will give you a pleasant communication and determine your order.
2) Reliable material suppliers : Stable and reliable material suppliers chain support to ensure much lower cost and more competitive price.
3) Customized: A strong design team can make the product as per your special request, shape and quality meet your request.
4) Delivery Time: Above 1,5000 square meter manufacturing shop will make the delivery time stable.
5) Strictly quality control: 100% inspection before delivery and we guarantee the performance.

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