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Boge Compressor Filters Replacement

Product Name: Boge Air Compressor Filter Replacement
Apply to: All Types Boge Screw Air Compressors
Material: Imported HV paper +Bao Steel
Payment: PAYPAL, TT, LC
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China(Mainland)
MOQ: 3PCS/ each
Shipping: From China to All the World

Other Details
•Air Filter Intro: http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/air-filter/
•Oil Filter Intro: http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/oil-filter/
•Separator Intro http://www.aircompressor-filter.com/air-oil-separator/



Boge Compressor Filters Replacement: Boge air filter replacement, Boge oil filter replacement , Boge separator replacement

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:   75,000 Sets/ Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Wooden case, Pallet , Normal Carton package, support OEM/ODM package.

Port:       Shanghai, or Customer Requirements

Lead Time :   3-7 days

boge filters

Product Description

Our teams grasp the top design techniques and fully understand the high quality filter material’s performance. Our Compressor filters factory import Germany HV, South Korea Ahlstrom,and other world-class brand filter material to grantee the Boge filter replacement quality and ensure theBoge air compressor safe and stable operation with cost-efficient and energy-saving.

Check the following table to find the Boge Compressor Filters replacement.For those not listed, please contact for more information.

Boge Compressor ModelBoge Separators ReplacementBoge Air filter ReplacementBoge Oil filter Replacement
C 15 (S22 A-End) from (da) serial n°5054881575076301P5690033661P558000601P
C 15 (S32 A-End)5751063013P5690033661P558001800PP
C 205751063013P5690061661P558001800P
C 255751063013P5690034661P558001800P
C 3575076301P5690041661P558000601P
C 305751063023P5690034661P558001800P
C 4575076301P5690041661P558000601P
C 5575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CD 15 (S22 A-End) from (da) serial n°5054881575076301P5690033661P558000601P
CD 15 (S22 A-End) up to (fino a) serial n°5054880
CD 15 (S32 A-End)5751063013P5690033661P558001800PP
CD 205751063013P5690061661P558001800P
CD 255751063013P5690034661P558001800P
CD 305751063023P5690034661P558001800P
CD 4575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CD 5575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CDF 205751063013P5690061661P558001800P
CDF 255751063023P5690034661P558001800P
CDF 305751063023P5690034661P558001800P
CF 205751063013P5690061661P558001800P
CF 305751063023P5690034661P558001800P
CF 9
CL 3575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CL 4575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CL 5575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CLD 10 from (da) serial n°50548815751063013P5690033661P558001800P
CLD 10 up to (fino a) serial n°50548805750001053P5690033661P558001800P
CLD 15 from (da) serial n°50548815751063013P5690033661P558001800P
CLD 15 up to (fino a) serial n°50548805750001053P5690033661P558001800P
CLD 20 from (da) serial n°50548815751063013P5690061661P558001800P
CLD 20 up to (fino a) serial n°50548805750001053P5690061661P558001800P
CLD 3575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CLD 4575076301P5690041661P558000601P
CLD 5575076301P5690041661P558000601P
S 10 from (da) serial N°31487575000103P569003301P558000307P
S 10 up to (fino a) serial N°31486575000103P5690009661P558000307P
S 100-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
S 101575000101P569000729P558000308P
S 125575000101P569000729P558000308P
S 15 from (da) serial N°21867575000102P5690009661P558000307
S 15 up to (fino a) serial N°21866575000103P5690009661P558000307
S 150575000101P569000729P558000308P
S 151575000101P5690031661P558000308P
S 165750001053P5690028661P558000303P
S 180575000101P5690031661P558000308P
S 20-2575000105P5690034661P558000303P
S 220575000101P5690031661P558000308P
S 24-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
S 271575000101P569000731P558000308P
S 29-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
S 305750001053P5690028661P558000303P
S 31-2575000101P143000303P558000303P
S 341575000101P569000731P558000308P
S 40-2575000101P143000303P558000303P
S 50-2575000101P5690048661P558000303P
S 6575000103569000901558000307
S 60-2575000101P5690048661P558000301P
S 61-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
S 75-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
S 8575000103569000901558000307
S 90-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SD 10575000103569000901558000307
SD 100-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SD 101575000101P569000729P558000308P
SD 125575000101P569000729P558000308P
SD 15 from (da) serial N°21867575000102P5690009661P558000307
SD 15 up to (fino a) serial N°21866575000103P5690009661P558000307
SD 20-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SD 24-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SD 29-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SD 40-2575000101143000303558000303
SD 50-2575000101P5690048661P558000303P
SD 6575000103569000901558000307
SD 60-2575000101P5690048661P558000301P
SD 61-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SD 75-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SD 8575000103569000901558000307
SD 90-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SDF 100-2575000101P558000301P
SDF 15575000102P5690033661P558000307
SDF 24-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SDF 29-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SDF 60-2575000101P5690048661P558000301P
SF 100-2575000101P569003801P558000301P
SF 150575000101P569000729P558000308P
SF 220575000101P5690031661P558000308P
SF 24-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SF 29-2575000101P5690034661P558000303P
SF 60-2575000101P5690048661P558000301P
SFD 150575000101P569000729P558000308P
SG 270575000209558000308P
SL 270575000101P569000731P558000308P
SL 340575000101P569000731P558000308P
SL 341575000101P569000731P558000308P
SL 431575000101P558000308P
SL 481575000101P558000308P
SLDF 30575000101P143000303P558000303P
SLDF 40575000101P143000303P558000303P
SLF 101575000101P569005601P558000308P
SLF 125575000101P569005601P558000308P
SLF 221575000101P5690031661P558000308P
SLF 271575000101P569000731P558000308P
SLF 30575000101P143000303P558000303P
SLF 40575000101P143000303P558000303P
SLF 51575000101P569003801P558000301P
SLF 61575000101P569003801P558000301P
SLF 75575000101P569003801P558000301P

About us

Shanghai Airmax Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Airmax co.,ltd is a national high-tech enterprise since 2011, which focus on the researching, production and sales of air oil separators, air filters, oil filters, line filters for screw air compressors.

With Airmax growing up and scale up, our sales and service cover in all the country in China. We have been filters supplier for more than 60 compressor factories in China. More than 10,000 kinds filters can be provided

We have wide selection of best quality Boge Compressor Filters replacement,100% OEM Compatible, meet and/or exceed the original quality

Our Certificate


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory, you are very welcome to visit our factory at your convenience. we are in Jiading district of Shanghai.

Q: What is your factory’s production capacity?

A: About 75,000 sets/ month. We supply filters to compressor factories.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 1-3 working days if the Boge Compressor Filters are in stock. or it is 7-15 working days for mass production based on the quantity

Q: Can I become an Agent / Dealer?

A: Welcome ! Please let us know your Country/Area fisrt, we will check then talk about this. any other kind of cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q: Why choose Airmax? Any advantages?
A: The answer is Yes. There are 5 major advantages (reasons).
1) Efficient communication: Professional sales team is at your service line within 24 hours, that will give you a pleasant communication and determine your order.
2) Reliable material suppliers : Stable and reliable material suppliers chain support to ensure much lower cost and more competitive price.
3) Customized: A strong design team can make the product as per your special request, shape and quality meet your request.
4) Workshop: Above 1,5000 square meter manufacturing shop will make the delivery time stable.
5) Strictly quality control: 100% inspection before delivery and we guarantee the performance.

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