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Failure Caused by Improper Compressor Filters Maintenance

Accelerate the Rotor Wear

The general life of the oil filter is 2000-3000 hours. If it is used overdue, it will cause insufficient lubricant in the system, increase the impurities, accelerate the wear of the rotor of the machine head, and cause high temperature of the machine, which will affect the production.

Insufficient Air Discharge

The general life of the air filter is 2000-3000 hours. The over-time use will result in insufficient exhaust capacity of the unit, that will affect the production; the air filter resistance will be too large, the unit energy consumption will increase; the actual compression ratio of the unit will increase.

High Power Consumption

The general life of oil  separators is 3500-4000 hours. Over-time use will result in insufficient oil return, resulting in excessive exhaust air temperature, increased internal pressure, which will cause high power consumption.

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