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Screw Air Compressor Maintenance

There are 22 things you should do about the screw air compressor maintenance when doing the compressor service at the workshop.check the air compressor maintenance step by step.

  1. Answer the corresponding questions according to the crew’s response to the recent operation of the air compressor and give the related process.
  1. Check whether there is leakage of water, air and oil in the air compressor system, and shut down and repair if necessary.
  1. Check whether the automatic drainage devices of air compressors, gas storage tanks, dryers and filters are drained normally, and whether the water discharged is in normal state visually. If there are blockages and flying oil phenomena, the relevant parts are treated.
  1. Check records of environmental temperature, ventilation and heat dissipation, and make suggestions for improvement if necessary.
  1. Record of exhaust pressure inspection; adjust pressure switch, regulator valve when necessary; check and repair system when abnormal;
  1. Check and record the exhaust temperature and clean the radiator when necessary.
  1. Check the running time record, confirm the using time of consumables, and propose periodic replacement plan for consumables, such as the compressor air filters, oil filters and separators. we are the professional air compressor filter factory in China,know more about us.https://www.aircompressor-filter.com/about-us
  1. Check the record of the screw compressor head outlet temperature, check temperature control components and clean radiator when necessary.
  1. Check record of tank pressure, adjust minimum pressure valve and replace it when necessary.
  1. Inspection of air oil separators and oil compartments with equal pressure difference; Inspection and repair of the system in case of abnormality, and regular replacement.
    screw air compressor maintenance

    screw air compressor maintenance

  1. Air filter condition inspection record, cleaning; if necessary, replacement.
  1. Regular inspection of oil level and quality; addition and replacement when necessary.
  1. Inspection records of transmission belt coupling shall be adjusted and replaced regularly; timely adjustment and recovery shall be made in case of sudden abnormalities;
  1. Inspection and cleaning of oil system;
  1. Compressor body and motor running noise and vibration inspection; provide written solutions and suggestions when abnormal, and implement;
  1. Cooling water pressure, inlet temperature and record; check the original and deal with abnormal conditions;
  1. Inspection and record of motor surface temperature and current; check the original and deal with abnormal conditions;
  1. External power supply voltage check record;
  1. Visual distribution box electrical contacts, wiring contacts, surface insulation inspection; whenever necessary, Polish its contact test;
  1. Clean up the screw compressor and pump room;
  1. Inspection of evaporation and condensation pressure of dryer, adjustment and cleaning of radiator in time, troubleshooting;
  1. Implement the necessary screw air compressor maintenance and repair work according to the condition of inspection. Fill in the work form and sign it to the person in charge of the site after each work is finished and give corresponding answers.

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