Linghein compressor LS

Linghein Compressor-LS series

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Atlas Copco new generation host

Atlas copco large size host ,Adopt SAP asymmetric patented line, unique 4:6 tooth design, perfect balance of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Extremely high reliability, maintenance-free, trouble-free operation up to 100,000 hours.

efficient and reliable Permanent magnet motor

  • Independent motor cooling, 180°C demagnetization temperature, superior performance
  • Unique split design of main host and motor, 1:1 direct drive, high transmission efficiency
  • Provides a more stable and mature full speed system, easy to repair

Frequency conversion drive energy saving and environmental protection

When the user’s air volume drops, the load decreases and the energy consumption decreases in proportion.
Effective energy saving, average energy savings of up to 30% or more

Smart controller

  • 7 inch full screen touch controller
  • real-time Monitor device operating
  • Can achieve central control for customers
  • Provide multiple protections and warnings

Closed loop control system

  • The inverter controls the motor directly
  • Accurate control of air volume changes
  • Start and run more stable, the system is more energy efficiency

Oil filtration system

  • Well-designed air oil separator,  with oil content <3ppm
  • External rotary filter for easier maintenance
  • High precision glass fiber oil filter