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About United OSD compressor parts-Air/oil separator and oil pressure gauge

About United OSD compressor parts,What is the relationship between the Air/oil separator andoil pressure gauge ?

When the pressure drop of the United OSD compressor separator filter element exceeds 0.08MPa, (the difference between the figures displayed on the two pressure gauges, the pressure in front of the filter element, and the exhaust pressure),the United OSD compressor part-the air oil separator filter element should be stopped and replaced.

The unloading of the compressor is based on the separation pressure as the sampling pressure. If the unloading pressure is set to the rated pressure, the actual load of the motor is the rated pressure plus a differential pressure of 0.08MPa, andUnited OSD compressor parts motor will be overloaded. The pre-set pressure difference of the separator filter element is 100kpa. At this time, the pressure difference of the separator filter will not alarm, so in order to protect the safe operation of the motor, once the United OSD compressor parts oil pressure gauge pressure difference is found to be large, the air/oil separator filter element of United OSD compressor should be replaced in time.

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united osd compressor parts

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